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    PayClick Review – The Startup Friendly Ad Network

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    What’s the 2017-way to make revenue off your site? Let me tell you it’s not Adsense. That’s where this Payclick review comes into play. Before explaining to you why I’m considering PayClick as my revenue source and not the “more established, popular” ad-networks, there are some other basics you need to get a hold of.

    What is PayClick?

    PayClick is an ad-network which you probably have already gathered by now. Now it’s an ad-network based on the “native ads formats”.

    So if you’re an Advertiser you can use Payclick to gain the attention and sales you’ve been always waiting for, or as a Publisher you can collect some solid cash for Payclick ads.

    What are Native Ads?

    Native ads are the kind of ads which are the “most conversion optimized” ad algorithms into play right now! Let’s just say they aren’t boring, and people actually click them.

    While with the other “more established, popular” ad networks, you get the typical banner and text ads, which even the blind internet users can spot as “ADS” from a mile away, and they don’t even checkout what the ad is saying. It’s like their brains automatically turn that part of your website off.

    But not NativeAds! The reason is, Native ads use an advanced algorithm, which I personally call the “camouflage” algorithm and there’s a reason to that. These ads don’t seem like “Ads” in the first place.

    They camouflage themselves with your website’s Content and data! Meaning they seem like just another piece of content or natural link on your site. Ever seen those “Related articles” section? That’s what native ads look like.

    So if a reader is reading an article about “Fashion designing tips” on your website, the ad that would be shown to him would be something extremely related to your article itself, and then when they see a “read more / related article / more information” kind of link, they are bound to click on it.

    PayClick Ad Network Features 

    1). Registration

    The first aspect I’m mentioning in this PayClick review is their extremely easy registration process.  You just have to choose if you’re a publisher (with a website who wants to make money) or an Advertiser (who wants their ads displayed on the vast database of Payclick partners).

    You just fill in some very basic information and you’re done!

    2). Instant-Activation

    The primary problem with any ad-network out there is “Activation time”. Adsense sometimes takes almost a week! The same applies for most other networks out there.

    But not PayClick. As soon as you fill in the registration form you’ll get an E-mail with the confirmation link, and after confirmation you gain access to your account instantly. Infact this was one of the primary reasons of me writing this Payclick review.

    3). Extremely Easy User-Interface

    This is what the User-interface looks like with PayClick! I don’t need to spell that out for you right? Everything is listed out there as cleanly as possible.

    There’s the sidebar with all the options you’ll ever need so even if you’ve never been with any ad-network before this, you won’t find any problem settling in with PayClick.

    4). Minimum Traffic Required: NONE!

    Another of my favorite aspects about the platform which let me to write this Payclick review is it’s “no traffic requirement”. When you click on “add site” button, you’re asked to fill in the details.

    There as you can see, the “lowest” tab lets you choose the option as

    5). Detailed Statistics

    These not only function as “reports” for me, they’re also my motivation. Seeing how your site’s revenue is growing is the best possible “work harder” quote you might ever get.

    The statistics tab is simple yet informational. Every bit of detail or data you might be looking for will be present in the Statistics tab.

    It’s simple, doesn’t complicate things and it gets you the data you need.

    6). Diverse Payment Methods Supported

    Now that I’m writing this Payclick review, I can’t ignore the payment methods it supports because hey one of the primary problems I face with ad-networks is their withdrawal methods, its no use how much money you make if you can’t cash it out right?

    Well you won’t face any such problems with PayClick. They support a wide variety of payment options including:-

    • Paypal

    • Wire

    • E-Payments

    • Payoneer

    So basically every kind of payment option that you might have, is supported by PayClick.

    7). Impressive Audience and Conversion Rate

    Well I believe numbers speak better than words. So here are some for you:

    See? It’s not “lifetime” data, nope! It’s the /month data of what PayClick offers you. With already over 1,620,000,000 impressions I’d say they know what they’re doing.

    At the very beginning of this PayClick review I mentioned “native ads are better”, right?

    Well here’s 2.3% conversion rate for you! Tell me if I wasn’t right!

    Meaning if you get even 1000 hits/month, 2.3% will convert. That’s like a really impressive rate even if you compare it with the other ad-networks out there.’

    Final Verdict

    So yeah I’d conclude this PayClick review now. So if you ask me if I’d go with PayClick, I’d say yes, why not? Here are the reasons at a glance why I think you should seriously consider this PayClick review seriously.

    • They have the most updated advertising algorithm

    • They don’t require any minimum traffic to get approved.

    • They got instant approval system.

    • Registration is extremely easy.

    • Easy user-interface.

    • Great conversion rates (3%).

    • A number of different payout/withdrawal options.

    • And the obvious reason “They Actually Get Clicked!”.

    So yeah that was it folks for this PayClick review. Do let me know if you decide to go with the platform. And if you’ve got doubts, queries or issues with the platform, you can make use of the comment box or mail them at [email protected]

    Also I wouldn’t mind if you decide to share this PayClick review on your social networks, it would help me get a few more eye-balls and keep me motivated!

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