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    Kasam 28th December 2016 Written Update

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    Kasam 28th December 2016 Written Update by Sona

    Kasam 28th December 2016 Written Episode

    Tanuja asks Smiley to think again, what is the mistake of baby she is bearing. Manpreet comes to Tanuja, then finds Smiley there. Manpreet calls Tanuja downstairs for Pooja as Raaj called her. He then instructs Smiley to look after the food in kitchen. Smiley was worried, Manpreet says she only has to look after and not cook.
    Downstairs, Rishi watches Tanuja get dizzy. He brings a tray of food, and tells her to eat. Tanuja says she will complete the fast, Rishi promises not to tell anyone about it and she may eat. Tanuja assures she would eat with his hand, but after Pooja. For him, this fast might be a show off but for her it means a lot. She will always pray for his happiness and life, wherever he may live. Rishi forbids her to do this, such piousness is only for his Tannu. If she thinks the moon
    would accept her fake Pooja, he doesn’t think so. Tanuja replies it will, moon only cares about intentions. Rishi looks towards her belly, taunting about her intentions. He tells her to eat. Tanuja wasn’t ready to leave the fast, her piousness, him and his family. Rishi was helpless, wondering what for his family and was determined not to get played by her anymore.
    Rano tells Malaika that when they fast for husbands, husbands bring wives gifts. Raaj comes there and apologizes Rano for not being able to bring her a gift. Rano demands a win from him, and asks him to promise he would give her what she would ask him from. Tanuja comes from behind. Rano thinks it’s time for Tanuja to leave this house.
    In the hall, Rishi wonders what kind of girl Tanuja is. She wants him to see her face instead of Tannu in the moon. If she is mocking Karwachot. Raaj comes to take Rishi to break Tanuja’s fast. Rishi complains of Tanuja, saying she always does whatever she wants to. Raaj insists that Tanuja loves Rishi a lot, and inquires if there is something he doesn’t know of? Manpreet comes to call them both outside, and tells Raaj that even Tanuja is dizzy. Rishi thinks Tanuja has started the acting today, but he won’t get trapped any of her play.
    Rano calls the men outside. Raaj points at Rishi to go to Tanuja. Tanuja prays for Rishi’s life, enlightenment and happiness. Malaika watches them, as Rishi holds the cup of water. He says he had forbidden her to fast, but she did; now it’s turn and forwards the cup near Tanuja’s mouth dropping the water on floor right there. Malaika cheers that now Rishi would come to her. Rishi tells Tanuja he was in the room when she had been vomiting, and now she wants him to melt with her tears. He offers her to eat some sweet, but instead of feeding her he withdraws the sweet throwing it in the pool. Tanuja was left crying. Rishi says this sweet was his hatred, her betrayal and their relation. He tells her to break this fast by herself, but its better she goes to the one she is bearing the child. He leaves Tanuja’s side. Bee ji forces Rano to touch her feet completely, mocking her. There, Rishi feels a sudden breeze of wind, Tanuja had fallen dizzy and was about to fell on the floor. Rishi runs towards her, and tries to wake her up. Everyone was worried. UV says maybe it was weakness. They take Malaika’s water for Tanuja, Rishi sprinkles some on her face. She wakes up to see the moon, then drinks water from Rishi’s hands.

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