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    Adnow Review – A Commendable Ad Network for Both Publishers & Advertisers

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    The times have gone when the webmasters had to totally depend on Google Adsense for monetization of their blogs. Now, a number of alternate methods and Adsense competitors are establishing their authority in the internet world. Though Adsense still remains the major source of earnings for most of the webmasters, but its widget ads are not well optimized. Adnow is one of the power native ad networks that provide engaging widget advertisements to the publishers. This ensures that the user click on the ad and reach to the advertiser page. Let us know more about in this Adnow review.

    adnow review

    What is Adnow?

    Adnow is one of the leading native ad networks that help you fetch more user engagement as compared to traditional form of advertising. It has a large network of publishers in 107 countries of the world. This network works fantastically well especially when you need high RPM rates and is well suited for the people who wish to monetize their website only through native ads.

    Adnow was established in the 2014 by group of digital marketers highly experienced in RTB and Big Data. The company started working with the publishers from December 2015 and since then there are over 150,000 publishers associated with this hybrid native ad network. The advertiser network of Adnow is also growing and they have around 1700 advertisers working with them in just one year. Let us learn some of the ultimate benefits Adnow provides to its publishers and advertisers in this Adnow review.

    Ultimate Benefits of Adnow for Publishers


    The publishers can make full use of this superb native advertising network and place some of the coolest ads on their site’s widget. The native ads offered by Adnow are far much better than the traditional form of ads. Let us learn some of the ultimate benefits Adnow provides to the publishers.

    • It follows NET 7 (Weekly) payment scheme. The payment can be transferred through Payoneer, PayPal, or Wire transfer.

    • The minimum threshold limit is $20.

    • All the advertisements are pre-moderated and go through complete safety check.

    • You are provided with a personalized account manager with the local language support.

    • The native ads average CTR is 1.15%.

    • The non-English websites can also join Adnow’s native ad network.

    • The setup process is speedy and hassle-free.

    • The real time earnings and revenue can be tracked by the publishers.

    • The widget ads are totally customizable according to the user choice.

    • The referral system always gives an extra advantage to the publishers refer and earn.

    For more info check out

    Ultimate Benefits of Adnow for Advertisers


    Not only publishers, but Adnow’s advertisers can also advertise effectively over its large publisher network. Here are some of the associated advantages of Adnow’s native ad network for the advertisers.

    • The advertiser can start with a lower minimum deposit as compared to other as networks.

    • It analysis the traffic seriously and disallow any fraud.

    • It works well to give nice CTR for the advertisements.

    • The ads receive over 900000000 visitors per month and over 4200000000 impressions per month.

    • It has a large network of publishers worldwide which is increasing on daily basis.

    • It provides complete support to the advertiser and also gives suggestions on the landing page.

    • The advertiser gets an option to set the daily budget limit for every campaign.

    • The campaign can be target by operating systems, browsers, network, and by carrier.

    • You can even target the campaign as the days of week, times, date, and even hours.

    • Each and every data about the campaign will be reported to you.

    • You can even filter the websites on which you want to run your campaign.

    • It has its own RTB platform for the advertisers.

    RTB (real-time-bidding) is one of the most crucial aspects of Adnow. RTB is helping the advertisers to bid on spot and more than 60 percent of worldwide advertisers are n favor of RTB.  The limited knowledge about RTB is one of the major reasons why advertisers are not able to utilize it to the fullest.

    Europeans are very slow to adopt this approach. Only 20 percent of its advertisers are using this approach. Adnow provides complete integration and support for RTB to any advertiser. Moreover it offers the custom integration too like JS tags, XML, and API. If you have still any query, please check out


    Adnow is excellent at support. You can get to learn many things from its knowledge base and tutorials. Moreover, you can join its official thread here ask the question directly, in case you have any query. You also get dedicated account manager with local language support when you sign up as advertiser or publisher with Adnow.

    How to Use Adnow?

    You need to fulfill some of the major requirements to start using the Adnow ads. Here are some of the requirements that must be met before you start using this native ad network on your site.

    • The site must not have any copyright issue.

    • The site must not contain the objectionable content like spam, adult, adware, spyware, and malware.

    • The site should not promote any illegal activities.

    • The publishers must not use the software or bots for manipulating the clicks.

    • The publishers should not click on their ads and must not ask anyone to do the same.

    • The publishers must not use auto refreshing sites, proxies, or PTC sites to generate fake traffic.

    The widget native ad of Adnow is totally customizable and you can easily change the colors, number of ad columns & rows, fonts, size, and few other aspects to make it look better.


    Adnow is one of the best hybrid native ad networks for displaying the effective ads in the widget section of the site. It can easily bring more user engagement as compared to traditional ad formats and will also help you out in generating decent revenue through it. So, you must try it now.

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